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As always, you are sitting in your old leather chair, wearing your worn-out trenchcoat. It's late at night and it has been raining for days. No client has visited your detective bureau lately, but you do not have anything else to do anyway. Suddenly the door opens with a creepy sound and a dark, tall figure enters. He leaves small lakes full of water from the rain outside with each step.

The bureauHe moves to your table, sits down and looks at you without saying a word. You can not see much of him as his whole face is hidden in the shadow of his black hood. With a dark voice he starts to talk. 'You are the best detective from what I've heard.' - he does not seem to wait for an answer. 'I have an offer for you. You just have to find somebody for me and I will take care of your financial situation.'

This is how the story of The Journey starts. Play the game to uncover the mystery and to find out who tells the truth and who only tells ugly lies.

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The Journey