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The Game

Download the Source Code

The source code of the game is available and referenced by the paper. You can also download it for free here:

The Paper - Overview

Please note: This term paper is based on S60 1st edition.

The game The Journey was written for a term paper as a practical demonstration of several workflow tactics and source code examples. These include:

  • Location determination by getting the Cell ID
  • Using the Rich Text Editor Control
  • Localizing both menus and ingame text
  • File Access
  • Bimap Handling
  • Optimizing the Visual C++ Workspace for Series 60 development
  • Simplifying common tasks

A personal statement about the motivation to write the paper:

"Symbian OS is young, and there are not too many resources available to aid developers with creating applications and games. The paper describes several concepts that I discovered during the time of my internship at Siemens Mobile by doing a lot of research work. While many documents describe how to use special aspects, tutorials that describe the general workflow or explain the bigger picture are scarce.

When I encountered problems during development, most solutions were found in forums of Symbian web sites. By writing this paper, I tried to write parts of my experience down, to give something back to the community. I hope the paper can help some of you with getting started with the development and maybe point out some useful tools that experienced developers have not found yet."

Symbian found this article, reviewed it and thought that it was quite helpful for developers. They have now published an adapted version of it on and added it to their library of documents.

The Paper - Get It

You can either download the article published by Symbian, view the adapted online version of the paper directly in the web browser as HTML, or download the original paper as a PDF (you will need the free Acrobat Reader to view it).

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